Demand More from Your Advertising (Conference)

Please join us in the DEMAND MORE FROM YOUR ADVERTISING conference which will take place in Opatija, Hotel Bristol, November 8th and 9th.
The Conference will start on Thursday November 8th at 11:00h and will be finished on Friday, November 9th at 16:00h.
Key speakers are Elena Speer, President Ipsos ASI CEE and Mateusz Glowacki, Ipsos ASI Director in Poland.
The participation fee is 200 EUR and it covers two days of the Conference with overnight stay, coffee breaks, two lunches and dinner after day 1. Hotel Bristol in Opatija provides also a special wellness weekend offer in extension to your stay for the Conference.
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Rethinking ad development (article about ASI approach)
Measuring emotions in advertising (article about ASI approach)
Idyllic weekend in Opatija
Wellness weekend in Bristol Opatija (additional information about hotel)
Demand More from Your Advertising
-- Conference topics --
Opatija, November 8-9, 2012
Session 1: Are you thinking Big? Finding your brand's Big Idea - the backbone of all successful advertising
A great advertising brief should outline a strong communication strategy: Your "Big Idea", that would serve as the roadmap for all creative, regardless of medium. It needs to tap into essential human motivations. It needs to have a natural role and connection to your brand. What makes Big Idea big? How to find and verify your Big Idea?
Session 2: Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men - top learnings from ASI Copy testing practice
There is no cook book that would give you a universal recipe for creating great advertising. But there are thousands of ads that have been tested to provide us with a clue what usually doesn't work and what typically works well. Let's review the watch-outs and the best practices from our part of the world.
Session 3: Ad pre-testing latest trends: Advanced measurement of emotions in advertising
Does the distinction between "rational" and "emotional" ads make real sense? Each copy tells you something about the brand and each copy makes you feel... Something. How to capture "emotional" and how rational and emotional components contribute to copy effectiveness?
Session 4: It's so easy to spoil the magic. How to successfully transfer an ad from one market to another
We are all under increasing pressure to do more for less. Identifying great creative that could work in multiple markets is tempting more than ever. But what may be good in the short term cost reduction may not necessarily benefit the brand in the long term. What are the key questions to ask before you decide to transfer an ad over the border?
Session 5: Demand more from your media - learnings from 360⁰ touchpoint perspective
Each of us is exposed to hundreds of ads daily. It is a growing challenge to cut through this permanent bombardment of branded influences and successfully reach your consumer. We have insights, stemming from our past research, which can help navigating your brand in the modern over-cluttered world.

This is a unique opportunity for people in charge of brand communication to hear first-hand about the most interesting learning coming out of long and rich copy-testing and campaign evaluation experience of Ipsos ASI.
Being one of the largest providers of advertising effectiveness testing, with over 30 years of experience, serving world’s largest companies across all continents, Ipsos ASI definitely has a say about what usually works and what makes advertising most efficient.